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    Rishikesh Camps
    Organizes camping in Rishikesh, Rainbow Camp promotes adventure travel
    in India and offers riverside camping and GANGES river rafting in Rishikesh.
    Once you reach the campsite, you will be received with a warm welcome by
    our Camp staff. Rishikesh camping is an amazing experience; participate in
    enthralling activities like white water rafting, kayaking,
    rappelling and others at these camps.!

Welcome to Rainbow Camp Resort Based in Rishikesh

Namaste, Hello, Halo, Hola, Ola, Bonjour, Shalom, Ni hao, Xin Chao, Salve, Kon-nichiwa, Hej, Selam, Jambo travelers. Camping brings the most relaxing and rejuvenating doings for all. Rishikesh Camping can be enjoyed most by the person who likes to travel around new places and get pleasure from the beauty and peacefulness of nature. Camping Rishikesh brings the break of camp firing across the river side by savoring a good service of natural amenities and can swim in the fresh water of River Ganges.io sem nec elit.

About Us

The exciting experience of camping in a jungle can be well realized at Rainbow Camp Resort – The Cozy and Comfy Jungle Camp. The adventure of jungle camping is rejuvenating, enriching and is in high fame among the younger generation. In the hectic schedule of everyday life we have lost the feelings of adventure and enjoyment in our life. The jungle camps are situated on the edge of Rajaji National Park amidst lush trees of the nearby forests of the hills.

All it will take is a mix of your desire and a little time, to travel 257kms off Delhi. The site of the jungle camp resort makes it more demanding among the guests. Placed at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level the jungle camp resort is nestled in a peaceful valley surrounded by peaks of moderate height from all the sides. The perennial river Heul flows at 50 steps from the jungle camp resort. The picturesque beauty of the jungles of Rishikesh offers a sense of freshness making life more energetic and lively. The blessings of river Ganga is an added incentive to life at Rishikesh.

The moments you spent at Rainbow Camp Resort Rishikesh, becomes a memorable experience in your life with the excellent world class arrangements of camp made by the Rainbow Camp Resorts Team, which you will love to cherish and remember again and again all through your life.

We the team at Rainbow camp resort works for a single motto of offering excellent service to our clients. Your satisfaction is our achievement. We are a bunch of young travel enthusiasts who understand the 'busy-ness' of traveling. This comes from our passion and, of course, our travels. We subscribe to the school of thought who says that "I cannot rest from travel: I will drink life to the lees…" (Ulysess, A. L. Tennyson).

Our Camps

Rainbow camps are set in spectacular locations to create an environment that inspires learning. And Detail about our Eco Adventure Camps in Rishikesh and Camping Packages in Rishikesh.

1 Nights New Year Package 2017

Rainbow camps Resort offer 2017 New Year's Special Package in Rishikesh. Your 2017 New Year Celebrations Jungle Camps in Rishikesh.

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Rainbow Camp Resort, is nestled in Rishikesh which is quite beautiful as the surroundings are cooled and made all the more attractive by lush greenery and lovely atmosphere. It is a modern property that proffers blend of splendid comfort and grandeur at its best. It is an ideal place for holidaying with family and friends for a while to relax and replenish sprit. The Swiss Tent units are individually placed at 2 opposite arms of a rectangle in a set of 14 units and 6 Units with mango grove in the centre and tall forest tress on the outside.

Rainbow Camp Resorts
Phoolchatti, Rattapani, Neelkanth Road,
6 kms from Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, INDIA – 249302

Customer Support +91 9997013223, 7017628982
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